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December 10, 2021 Reggie Weber Episode 49
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What does Christmas mean to you?  Do we really know the true meaning of Christmas anymore? Why is Christmas so important anyway?  There are so many different messages that I hope that you find a message that is meaningful for you on this episode of the Green Women Podcast.  Wishing you all  a Healthy, Happy Holiday Season from all the Green Women - Helene,, Tami, Diane, Christine, Terri,  Melisa, April,  Jo,  Sunder, and myself, Reggie.  Thank You for tuning in and listening to us share our stories for our love of Nature, Healthy Living,  Self-Care, the Environment, Social Justice, and Our LOVE of Mother Earth.  

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GW - THE MEANINGS OF CHRISTMAS - EP. #49: (12/9/2021)

In my research I found so many different Christmas messages that range from many different religious beliefs with their own faith traditions to many non-religious beliefs.  And for some it brings sadness.  But I found a meaning for Christmas which I connected with that includes all of mankind.  

Today I am going to talk about some of the meanings of Christmas because   lately, as I have preparing for this holiday, I have been asking myself, how much of all this stuff do I need to do for Christmas, how much stuff do our kids need and grandkids need?  So with that said, I would like to start off by asking you…What Does Christmas mean to you?  Do we really know the true meaning of Christmas anymore.  It has seem to become so commercialized, which leads to being all about money, gifts and consumerism.  But is it?  I started to do some investigating into this question—What is the true meaning of Christmas. And I found so many meanings.  

First I will start with the obvious meaning…Christmas is a time of celebration.  However, for me, I like to think about the Spirit of the Christmas, which for me is more meaningful and that is one of “togetherness” and “belonging”.  I believe that everyone has feelings of wanting to belong, to be connected, to have togetherness and being able to spend time with family and friends gives us that feeling of belonging.  It is also a time to give and not only gift giving but by giving of ourselves and thinking about others.  It is a selfless time, where we forgive and think about what’s really important and to hopefully become “better versions of ourselves”.

Have you ever thought - Why is Christmas Important! - Christmas is important because it is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, The son of God who came to redeem all mankind and call them to himself.  On the day, God sent his Son to become man on earth in order that one day he would become the payment for the sins of the world, past, present and future.  Christmas is the day of remembrance and worship for all of mankind with many different religious and cultural groups across the globe

I would now like to share some other insights to the meaning of Christmas from an article by Freya Mathews, an Adjunct Professor of Environmental Philosophy in Australia. Her article gave me a different way to look at the meaning of Christmas that I really like!    

At Christmas time we gather with family and friends, a feast takes place; presents are exchanged.  Why is Christmas of all Holidays such a big deal?

She states:  the reason may be that the significance of Christmas is indeed both primal and universal.  A child is born.  A unique child, but unique ultimately in a mythic sense — the sense in which every child that is born is uniquely at the centre of the existential drama.  Christmas remembers and celebrates the primal fact of birth; every human is a born being and born moreover into a family.  So, once a year, we are pulled by the seemingly irresistible force of Christmas back to our point of origin: FAMILY.  I love this!

But what if you feel you have no family?  She goes on to say “But nobody has no family.  Each of us has a biological mother and father who together tie us into a great tapestry of ancestors, all of whom would care for us if they could.” Caring for the child is the innate pattern and purpose of family.  She goes on to state:  “the endless chain of gift giving that sustains the great trans-generational unfolding family.   Whether the family hearth to which we return on Christmas Day is actual or merely symbolic, by returning to it - this story of family ramifies out into the wider story of humanity.  Christmas is then about belonging, inalienable belonging, the belonging that is literally our birthright.  

She then refers to the nativity story itself and perhaps this story is deeper than we have yet imagine.  For human beings are not the only beings who are born—who enter existence of family, of a legion of ancestors.  This is truly of all animal beings.  All animals are born.  They begin life helpless, vulnerable, tiny, tender and new.  Chicks, cubs, calves, kits, tiny grubs.  The sacred child - nativity from the Latin “natus” meaning “has been born”.  And each “child is a native born of a home, a place, an environment, that will freely nurture and sustain it.  The gift of birth, together with all the further giving that brings the birthing to adulthood, is our common estate:  the estate of nature.  

And I love how she weaves Nature into all facets of our lives.   And for me, Nature always is my companion in life.

As our society opens from its theocratic and commercial phases into a new phase of ECOLOGICAL WISDOM, perhaps Christmas — alternatively named simply “Nativity Day” will open up as well.  “Angels” will trumpet the birth of each and every child, whatever its species.  The “hearth” to which we return each Christmas will then be the hearth not only of family but of “Earth” (repeat the sentence here)—the very realm of the born, nature itself.  

 I would now like to leave you with some remembrances for Christmas:

  • Remember - it is a time of Generosity and Gratefulness - we can care for others, give generously to the less fortunate and be grateful for your birth, your family, your health, your home, your job or whatever you are grateful for.  This would be a great time to start a Gratitude Journal and write in it everyday.  Maybe gift someone a Gratitude Journal for Christmas and tell them what you heard in this Podcast about a different way to look at the meaning of Christmas.
  • Remember to “SLOW DOWN” - Christmas has turned into a bustling holiday with gift buying, decorating the tree and many plans.  Don’t get caught up in all of the consumerism of Christmas that you lose the real meaning of Christmas as I said before - belonging and togetherness.
  • Remember Family Time -  what brought you all together as a family?
  • Remember - The Whole Point - Christmas is a day of remembrance.  A day to thank God/The Universe/Supreme Being/Spirit/Higher-Self for this special time where you can connect with family, friends and even strangers like at the stores when shopping, your mail person, the delivery person of your goods or whoever you may encounter - wish them well this holiday season.

I wish all of you a very Healthy, Safe & Happy Holiday Season wherever you may be.